"I stand on concrete for a living and have had vein problems for 40 years. Before I went to Cedar Valley Vein Clinic, I had leg pain and worried about blood clots. When I went to the doctor I learned that several vessels weren't working right.

Dr. Tony and his staff gave me several treatment options, not just one. With the help of two procedures called Seps and Closure, I feel like I have new legs. I used to feel like I had heavy shoes on all them time. Now itís like a weight has been lifted.

And best of all, the procedures were covered by my insurance. So if you are worried about your legs, call Cedar Valley Vein Clinic. They helped me. And they can help you too."

Linda Woodard, 61
Oelwein, Iowa

"I've had varicose veins for more than 15 years. I always wanted to get rid of the unsightly, painful veins that caused my legs to swell. But I wasn't a candidate for getting my veins stripped because I was too young. I was also wary because I heard previous surgery options were very painful. So when I heard new treatments were available I decided to call Cedar Valley Vein Clinic.

I had two simple procedures to close the veins in my upper and lower legs. What a difference it has made. My leg looks and feels better. I've been able to increase my activity level because my leg isn't so tired, heavy and painful. I've had the added bonus of losing five pounds since my first surgery. I'm looking forward to summer shorts for the first time in years.

I'd recommend calling Cedar Valley Vein Clinic if you have varicose veins. I'm so happy that I'm going to have my other leg's veins treated as well."

Valerie Roach, 38
Plainfield, Iowa

"I started worrying about a vein in my left leg that was sticking out. It didn't look good. But I was more worried that it may rupture or cause health problems.

So I called Cedar Valley Vein Clinic. Dr. Tony and his staff took great care of me. I had two procedures called Seps and Closure that fixed the problem. The vein is gone and it looks great.

The best part about it is now I have peace of mind. And it was much easier than I thought it would be. I even went to a football game the night of my second procedure.

If you've been worrying about your leg veins, don't put off treatment. It could make you look and feel better right away."

Greg Nicoll, 50
Cedar Falls, Iowa

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